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A swimming pool is a major investment for most people. Why let it sit unused during the off season? Now you have an economical alternative that enables you to fully utilize your investment. Many of our domes are purchased by folks who use them for therapy for medical conditions. What better way to exercise all year round?  Not only can air domes be used for residential and commercial pools, but they can prove very handy in other applications as well  - Enclosures for tennis courts, baseball practice, building sites, coy ponds, greenhouses,.... use your imagination!  Our helpful staff will advise and work with you to design a dome that fits your needs.  Call us with your questions.
Nathan's dome survives the New Jersey winterElegant looking amongst landscapingCreate your own ambiance inside
Since 1996, we have shipped hundreds of domes throughout the USA and to countries such as Cyprus, Chile, Columbia, England, France, Greece, Israel, Malta, New Zealand, Portugal, and the former Soviet Union, to name a few! Our swimming pool enclosures are the most popular brand in the world.

About pool domes

Pool domes have actually been around for more than 30 years, but only recently have they become more popular and internationally known (with thanks to the Internet).  They are a great way to enclose your pool without spending a small fortune, plus, domes are:

    • Fully removable - take it down for the warm summer months
    • Temporary structures generally do not require building permits (Before you buy, ask your local building department if they have codes pertaining to air domes or membrane structures)
    • Will not raise your property taxes like a permanent structure may
    • Easily installed
    • Low maintenance - a yearly washing is recommended
    • Protects your pool from dirt and debris, use less chemicals in your pool
    • A unique selling tool for businesses - attract customers with your "indoor pool"
    • A long-lasting investment - a dome's life is 7 to 10 years with proper care (conservatively speaking... one customer boasts his dome lasted 18 years!)

What it's Like to be in a Rontimco Dome

One of the greatest benefits our domes provide is the feeling you get when inside. With the arching roof, the pool actually seems much Inside view of domed lap pool using pool blanket bigger.  It's not claustrophobic at all.  Many of our customers relate to us their own experiences of the "soothing" atmosphere provided by the dome. It's like being in a "different world". A uniquely private world where even normal sounds are slightly different. Certain sounds are "dampened" while others are magnified. The air gently "wafts" throughout the dome as it produces an enhanced state of relaxation. The moving air being slightly heavier from the moisture provided by the pool, creates an ambiance somewhat like a very mild tropical jungle. Imagine a totally secure feeling of being comfortably enclosed within a dome without the confines of traditional walls. There's nothing like it!  A type of "therapeutic" seclusion not to be found anywhere else. Enjoy!

After manufacturing domes for this many years, we have developed the finest swimming pool dome product available on the market. Many of our domes last 8 to 11 years. Recently, we made a replacement dome for some folks who purchased their original one 18 years ago! The weather conditions where you live will generally determine the actual life of your dome. Normally a dome used in the Arizona desert will not last as long as one in a cooler climate. In Arizona you could expect a 6 to 8 year life-span for your dome. In the Northeast U.S., a longer period (8 to 11 years) would not be unusual.

What size dome do I need?

We suggest that your dome be at least 3' wider than your pool on all sides.  This allows for a safe walking distance and room to perform any maintenance as needed or rescue people and objects out of the water.  We realize that sometimes space is limited and you may not have 3' available on some sides of your pool. 

You may also want a little more room to accommodate more people or a table and chair.  In this case, about 4' to 6' from the pool edge on one or two sides makes it very roomy.  Bear in mind that if your dome that is too much bigger than your pool you may find it difficult to keep the dome warmer.

Here is an example of estimating the dome size:

Pool Size32'x16'
Add to 2 sides+   3' +   3'
Add to 2 sides for more room+   5' +   4'
Dome Size40'x23'

Of course you will need to make allowances for the actual space available around your pool.  Space may be limited by deck, landscaping, walls, buildings, etc.  

Measuring instructions and helpful hints can be found this site. 

Ready to order? Have Questions? Don't panic! We will walk you through every step of the measuring and ordering process.

Our Aero-Domes come as a complete easy to install kit and our job is to help you make a well informed buying decision. Every dome comes with an easy to understand installation manual. We also offer toll free telephone support, if you should need it.