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When quality and elegance are what you are looking for then an Alumawood Flat panel awning is for you.  With a variety of material we achieve all kinds of looks.  Engineering is available for almost every application.  If you can think it up give up take a picture of something you have seen and we can probably match it.  Every kit of Materials is custom manufactured so there is no maximum or minimum size.

 Alumawood (Cedar Embossed Texture)

Our Flat Panel Awnings feature a cedar embossed textured thus giving the name Alumawood. 

You have a choice of five rich colors.  See below.* Color swatches may vary depending on your monitor.

white color swatch White
sonora beige color swatchSonora Beige
desert sand color swatchDesert Sand 
mojave tan color swatch Mojave Tan 
latte color swatch Latte 
adobe color swatchAdobe

The flat panel has a 2.5 inch rise and is 12 inches wide.  These pans are structural by themselves which means that you can project distances without the aid of a beam or cantilever.  However, most kits will include a beam to help achieve a sleek and graceful look and to aid in strength. 

 Alumwaood Flat Panel Aluminum Awning Alumawood Flat Pan with Header
 Newport - (flat with rafter tails and cover fascia) Flat pan with Alumawood header


These kits can be freestanding as well as Attached.  Free standing units require a poured footing for proper installation.  In most cases our kits contain all the building materials you will need from the screws and brackets to the pans and fascia.  


In Newport Awnings the panels will be supported by a 3 inch by 8 inch Alumawood Header Beam.  The Alumawood Header Beam will be supported by posts.  The roof panels will extend beyond the Header Beam.  The amount of panel overhang will vary by kit depending on the projection.  The Rafter Tails attach to the fascia and extend 12 inches beyond the roof panels.  The 2 inch by 6-1/2 inch wrap kit will extend the 3 unattached sides of the structure an additional 2 inches.